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We believe that optimal environmental products begin in the design and concept phase of a product.

Through our Customer Focused Technology Development program, we are dedicated to driving customer focused technology and innovation forward to implementation in unique product offerings.

Incorporated in our global development process is therefore the obligation to consider the four key environmental factors in our industry; energy, water, less detergent and disposal.

Examples of sustainability in products from Nilfisk-Advance

  • 60% of all Nilfisk-Advance product launches in 2010 featured environmental improvements
  • Ecoflex can clean with water only – 0% detergent
  • Ecoflex reduces water consumption with up to 70%
  • Nilfisk EcoPads are made of 100% recycled plastic material
  • Nilfisk EcoExtreme Vacuum cleaner is 95% recyclable
  • Nilfisk EcoExtreme Vacuum cleaner engine is 2000W but only uses 1250W
  • Our patented dosage control system means using up to 50% less water and 25% less detergent
  • 25 products approved by UK Department of Environment: “Water Efficient Machinery”
  • 58 Products contribute points and supports certification to the LEED-EBOM sustainable cleaning rating system
  • 23 Products certified by Carpet and Rug Institute US, Seal of Approval - Green Label

More information on Nilfisk-Advance’s work with sustainability is available in english on corporate website.

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