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Multi-Tasking Advance Reel Cleaner Transforms Hospital Cleaning Routine

New Orleans' Oscher Foundation, the largest hospital complex in Louisiana, faced a cleaning crisis when physicians demanded a 30 percent faster operating room turnover between procedures. For Mark Lonczak, the facility's Environmental Services Manager, this meant his staff had to trim O.R. cleaning time from an already efficient 15 minutes to the new goal of 11 minutes per suite -- a formidable challenge to be met without sacrificing quality or hygiene, or adding new staff.


Location: Ochsner Foundation, the largest hospital complex in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Application: Cleaning hospital operating rooms, where cleaning speeds and hygiene are critical.
Product: Advance Reel Cleaner
Purpose: To cut cleaning time, increase hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.
Primary Choice Factors: Higher productivity than previous hand-mopping/floor-scrubbing methods; "touchless" cleaning performance tackles cross-contamination and hygiene issues; ease of use; good value.
Cleaning Up
  • A traditional approach to Operating Room (OR)cleaning
  • A prescription for productivity
  • How the Reel Cleaner works
  • The results - faster, better OR cleaning
  • Advance delivers smart benefits for commercial applications
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