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Plymouth, MN—December 02, 2011—Advance announces the recently enhanced Sprite® 16 and Sprite® 16 Pro wet-dry tank vacuums, designed to provide faster and more effective cleaning. With superior water and dry debris pick-up capabilities, the Sprite 16 eliminates the need for messy mops and buckets, saving users significant time, labor and cleaning expenses. In addition to the same wet-dry vacuum performance, the Advance Sprite 16 Pro features a unique stripper dispensing tool, allowing operators to reduce the time it takes to strip floors.

The Sprite 16 delivers faster water and debris pick-up than traditional manual pick-up tools, allowing operators to increase productivity by up to 80 percent, through the following benefits:

    • A 24-inch front-mounted chemical resistant squeegee effectively cleans up to 11,500 square feet (1,068 m2) per hour.

    • Easy maneuverability enables operation right up to walls and into corners, picking up water and debris in both forward and reverse motion.

    • Dry pick-up mode permits users to either place a sock filter over the float assembly or insert a reusable cloth bag into the tank.

    • A washable exhaust filter maximizes dust containment, ensuring high indoor air quality.

For floor stripping applications, operators can employ the Sprite 16 Pro to efficiently lay down and pick up stripper solution. The Sprite 16 Pro offers users the following benefits:

    • Efficient operation cuts down the time it takes to lay down stripper by up to 50-75 percent, completing 5,000 square feet in 15 minutes on a single tank.

    • A unique 36-inch stripper dispensing tool ensures stripping solution is applied evenly.

    • Zero power is needed to operate the stripper dispensing tool, simply requiring an operator to pull the machine back.

    • The Sprite 16 squeegee conveniently replaces the stripping tool to easily suck up the stripper/floor finish slurry and any rinse water used.

Providing powerful, yet quiet operation—at only 70 dB A—the Advance Sprite 16 permits easy daytime cleaning without disturbing facility occupants. For simple clean-up, its 16-gallon tank conveniently pivots on a hinge to dump contents, or drain through a built-in hose. Further, the entire tank lifts off for cleaning, allowing total access for motor service or maintenance. The Sprite 16 also includes a short pig-tail cord to attach to a 50-foot cable, eliminating the need to wrap a long cord around the machine.

The Sprite 16 and Sprite 16 Pro are ideal for multiple cleaning applications, due to their versatile cleaning capabilities, ranging from hospitals and healthcare facilities to supermarkets and warehouses. Additional applications include, but are not limited to: schools and universities, government buildings and installations, shopping malls, distribution centers, retail stores, airports and building service contractors.

Advance is a brand of Nilfisk-Advance, Inc. For more information on the new Sprite® 16 and Sprite® 16 Pro wet-dry tank vacuums, call 800-850-5559 or visit

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