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From everyday tasks to tough soils, SC750 and SC800 scrubbers provide green cleaning and flexible performance for a full range of floor care challenges.

Plymouth, MN—May 4, 2011—Advance introduces SC750™ and SC800™ walk-behind scrubbers, delivering high productivity and unprecedented flexibility in a convenient, easy-to-maneuver mid-size scrubber. High capacity solution and recovery tanks—21 gallons on SC750 models and 25 gallons on SC800 models—reduce time spent on dump/refill trips, handling even the biggest jobs with up to 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing. With increased scrub time, these walk-behind scrubbers reduce productivity downtime and deliver fast ROI for owners.

To meet green cleaning initiatives while reducing the cost to clean, the EcoFlex™ System is available as an option on all sizes of SC750 and SC800 scrubbers. The EcoFlex System empowers operators to easily control the level of cleaning performance required for each unique application, from lightly soiled floors to heavily-trafficked areas. For routine cleaning tasks, the Ecoflex System offers an environmentally friendly, ultra-low-flow solution-dispensing mode that uses 70 percent less water than traditional scrubbers.

“The EcoFlex System is the next generation of sustainable cleaning technologies for Advance scrubbers, providing a flexible cleaning solution that meets customer’s floor cleaning needs,” said Steve Dick, Director of Marketing for Advance. “With the flexibility to easily apply the right scrubbing performance for the job, customers will save time, reduce water and detergent use and minimize cleaning costs. The introduction of the SC750 and SC800 provides these green cleaning benefits, allowing customers to get more on a mid-size, high performance scrubber.”

The SC750 and SC800 scrubbers ensure operator and facility safety with an easily maneuverable design and enhanced equipment features. Providing a simple walk-behind platform and a quiet 61 dB A sound level, the scrubbers allow for daytime cleaning without the risk of bothering other occupants in the building. All models also feature Advance’s Soft-Touch™ paddle system, which provides users with maximum control while preventing finger pinching that may occur between the machine and an obstruction—limiting operator fatigue and repetitive stress injuries. The scrubbers also come equipped with Advance’s Safe ‘N Dry™ squeegee for 100 percent water pickup, helping owners to reduce slip and fall risks and guaranteeing an overall cleaner and safer facility.

Featuring simplified controls, including integrated scrub pressure and solution flow rate, the low-maintenance SC750 and SC800 scrubbers speed operator training to reduce costly resources and place operators on the jobsite sooner. In utilizing the EcoFlex option, operators can enhance cleaning efficiency by eliminating timely detergent measurement and ensuring accurate dilution—all while minimizing excess waste.

The SC750 and SC800 scrubbers are ideal for applications requiring routine scrubbing with the ability to provide a wide scrubbing range—from ultra-light to heavy—depending on application requirements. These scrubbers provide efficient cleaning for entryways, spills, grease removal, grout and porous-surface cleaning and detergent residue removal. Appealing to a broad range of markets, including education, healthcare and retail, the SC750 and SC800 scrubbers deliver the size, durability and scrubbing performance needed for a superior, green clean.

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