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ISSA, ORLANDO, FL­­—Advance is introducing an expanded line of automatic floor scrubbers with the EcoFlex™ System technology at this year’s ISSA tradeshow. The innovative system provides total flexibility to effortlessly switch between chemical-free, water-only cleaning or different cleaning intensities at the touch of a button as floor conditions dictate.  The line includes a total of seven scrubber models.  New machines with the EcoFlex option include the Adfinity™, 34RST™, Warrior™ and Condor XL scrubbers, with additional models scheduled to launch in early 2011.  

EcoFlex technology gives cleaning professionals the flexibility to clean hard floors without compromising any of today’s competing demands: improving environmental sustainability, maintaining high levels of cleanliness and keeping cleaning costs down.

The EcoFlex System was designed to match the variable cleaning practices used in most buildings cleaned today,” says Steve Baker, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Nilfisk-Advance.   “It empowers cleaning staffs to use just the right amount of cleaning power for the job at hand.”  

While chemical-free, water-only scrubbing may be appropriate on low traffic, low-maintenance areas, it won’t get the job done when cleaning high-traffic entryways or sticky messes.  Scrubbers with EcoFlex feature a “burst of power” button that temporarily increases detergent, water flow and down pressure to provide extra muscle when and where it’s needed.  The ability to change the scrubbing strength on the fly is faster and more effective than other spot-cleaning alternatives such as “double scrubbing,” making complicated machine adjustments or changing machines.   

The EcoFlex System provides separate onboard tanks for water and detergent, which eliminates the task of premixing solution and the need to dump any unused solution.  Instead, water and detergent are dispensed separately at the scrub deck.  This minimizes water and chemical usage, while also minimizing waste-stream contribution.  Operators can change the detergent type and strength no matter where the machine is in the facility, which saves time and encourages cleaning staff to make quick adjustments when needed.   

Advance is a brand of Nilfisk-Advance, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality commercial and industrial floor maintenance equipment.  Advance’s commitment to its customers is achieved with equipment that supports both environmentally preferable cleaning and facility cleanliness.  For more information on Advance scrubbers with EcoFlex,  visit








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