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PLYMOUTH, MN – Advance’s new Terra™ 26M walk-behind push sweeper offers a more productive and more effective hard-floor cleaning solution compared to push broom sweeping. Dual main brooms and dual side brooms form a 26-inch cleaning path that lets operators pick up debris ranging from fine dust to large trash in a single pass. The Terra 26M’s manual operation requires no batteries and produces no emissions while cleaning, and its controlled sweeping performance minimizes the spread of dust to help protect the health of building occupants.

When used in place of push broom sweeping, the Terra 26M lets cleaning staff capture more dust and debris in less time while sweeping hard surfaces. An integrated filter captures dust particles that push brooms scatter during sweeping and improves indoor air quality (IAQ) for building occupants. Also ideal for sweeping outdoor hard surfaces, the productivity and cleaning performance of the Terra 26M can help facilities save money and maintain cleaner hard floors by reducing the time required to clean and by improving cleaning effectiveness.

“The Terra 26M is the most cost-effective way to sweep areas that have hard floor surfaces,” says Sara Thurston, market manager for Advance. “Cleaning staff can finish sweeping jobs in significantly less time with the Terra 26M, which helps the machine pay for itself over time with labor savings. It’s a very convenient manually operated machine that will provide years of reliable use.”

A three-position fold-up handle makes the Terra 26M easy to store, and it also allows the machine to be conveniently hung up on a wall. Quiet operation makes the Terra 26M ideal for noise-sensitive environments. Manual operation reduces the number of moving parts that may require maintenance, which increases reliability.

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