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Five-stage dust control system increases cleanliness and extends time between routine sweeping cycles


MINNEAPOLIS – The Proterra™ rider sweeper from Advance combines superior maneuverability, simple operation, and a 64-inch dust-controlled sweeping path to set a new standard of cleaning productivity for rider sweepers.  The machine’s five-stage dust-suppression system captures dust at the main broom and side brooms, which minimizes fugitive dust and helps keep manufacturing facilities, parking garages, warehouses and other indoor and outdoor areas clean and free of airborne particles.


The patented DustClear™ Five-Stage Dust Control system begins controlling dust at the side brooms – the greatest source of fugitive dust on other sweepers.  The Proterra’s dust suppression system emits a light mist at the side brooms that bonds to dust so that it settles and is immediately swept into the main broom chamber instead of drifting into the air.  A vacuumized main broom chamber provides consistent airflow into the broom chamber to ensure all dust is contained in the main hopper.  An Ultra-Web®[1] nanofiber filter then removes any remaining dust particles from the air stream.  The life and performance of the filter is extended with Proterra’s variable frequency filter shaker system, which aggressively shakes the filter free of fine dust and particles at multiple vibration frequencies.


“The DustClear™ suppression system truly sets the Proterra apart,” says Michael Larsen, industrial market manager for Advance.  “Because it addresses fugitive dust at the side brooms – where other sweepers kick up the most dust – it reduces the amount of dust particles that settle back onto the floor, equipment and other surfaces.  Not only does this increase the overall level of cleanliness, but Proterra’s unique dust-suppression system also extends the time between routine sweeping cycles.”


Clear sight lines simplify the floor-cleaning process for operators of all experience levels.  Operator comfort is enhanced by the machine’s Clear-View™ design, which also ensures safe operation.  Without having to lean outside of the operator’s compartment, operators are able to clearly see the side broom and the cleaning path in front of the machine.  This visibility is especially critical on large rider-sweepers, because it makes it easier to maneuver the machine in tight spaces and around obstacles and reduces the risk of operator injury.


The Proterra’s single-motion sweeper activation is based on analog-logic controls that allow operators to lower and activate the main broom, engage the side brooms and open the hopper door, all in a single motion. Another lever raises and lowers the hopper for easy dumping. As with all of the controls, the hopper safety prop rod is controlled from the operator’s compartment, eliminating the need for operators to leave their seat to set the safety prop rod.

[1] Ultra-Web® is a registered trademark of Donaldson Company, Inc .

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