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Summary: Advance® Floor Cleaning Equipment Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)

All Advance AXP™ walk-behind and rider automatic floor scrubbers have been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to meet the organization’s standards for producing a high-traction surface consistent with slip-and-fall prevention.  The Advance scrubbers use the company’s proprietary AXP Detergent Dispensing System and were tested using Advance’s new AXP Neutral Cleaner.  NFSI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of slip-and-fall accidents through education, training and research.

Advance AXP scrubbers certified by the NFSI are disk models:  Convertamatic AXP; Warrior AXP; Advenger AXP; Adgressor AXP; and Condor AXP.

To be NFSI Certified, a machine must go through a two-step evaluation and product testing process. The first step involves testing the product in a lab.  NFSI has a minimum acceptable value of wet static coefficient of friction (SCOF) that must be met in order to be accepted for the second step of testing.  Wet SCOF is a test that is done on walkway surfaces to determine slip resistance. Tests are done while the floor is wet, using a Universal Walkway Tester (UWT) – a digital device that performs both wet and dry surface testing.

Step two of the NFSI testing process brings a product into a real world situation to be used as the product is intended, for a test period of 30 days or longer.  When the product has completed its 30 day test run, it is once again tested with the UWT while still in the field.  Products must again attain the minimum accepted value in order to be certified as “High Traction.”

“We take safety very seriously,” says Sara Thurston, brand manager for Advance.  “The NFSI certification of our AXP scrubbers confirms the effectiveness of our equipment in producing not only a clean, but safe high-traction floor surface.” 

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With the acquisition of ALTO in spring 2004, Nilfisk-Advance became the world’s leading supplier of professional cleaning machines. As a result of the acquisition the Nilfisk-Advance organization was expanded by a further number of production and sales subsidiaries in Europe, North America and the Far East. Nilfisk-Advance has today a turnover of approximately 670m EUR and employs around 3,800 people. The Company has production in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, USA, Singapore and China, and sales subsidiaries in 35 countries. In combination with an extensive network of dealers, Nilfisk-Advance is globally represented.

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