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Summary: The Advance Advenger® rider scrubber is now available with the AXP onboard detergent dispensing system.

The Advance Convertamatic® AXP walk-behind automatic scrubber now features the exclusive AXP onboard detergent dispensing system that eliminates pre-mixing of detergent and water.  In addition, the machine features six scrubbing configurations on a single platform, offering the flexibility to use the same machine for different applications in the same facility.  Available in 24-, 26- or 28-inch scrub deck widths, the Convertamatic AXP scrubber simplifies cleaning by providing cylindrical scrub decks for sweep/scrub multi-tasking and disc decks for rotary scrubbing.  The scrub decks are easily interchangeable without the use of tools.

“The Convertamatic scrubber’s three pre-set scrub settings calibrate solution flow and scrub pressure based on soil levels,” says Sara Thurston, Advance Brand Manager.  “With 20 gallons (76L) of capacity in both the solution and recovery tanks, the Advance Convertamatic AXP scrubber allows operators to complete multiple cleaning tasks without stopping to empty the recovery tank.”  AXP, an Advance “Smart Solutions” technology, improves productivity and cleaning effectiveness in a variety of facilities, including retail and grocery stores, healthcare, hotels, and schools.

The AXP detergent dispensing system on the new Convertamatic scrubber improves productivity by eliminating the need to pre-mix detergent and water in the solution tank.  By setting the required dilution ratio control on the 1.25-gallon AXP detergent cartridge, AXP dispenses the precise amount of detergent to combine with clean water at the scrub deck.  Detergent and clean water are never blended in the same tank, eliminating wasted, unused solution.  The AXP system works with any brand of detergent, allowing facilities to continue using their existing detergent programs.  By having multiple AXP cartridges, it is easy to switch between degreasers, neutralizers, or green-certified detergents without having to dump and refill the solution tank.  

Many new safety features have been included in the design of the Advance Convertamatic AXP scrubber.  The Soft-Touch™ Paddle System allows operators to depress the drive paddle directly to the handlebar without pinching their fingers.  The UltraFlow™ Squeegee System

provides best in its class of pick-up on turns, reducing the chance of leaving water on the floor.  The unit comes with a standard onboard battery charger, and optional gel batteries that eliminate battery maintenance, fumes, and acid spills.  

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