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Summary: The industry's only rider carpet extractor is now available with the AXP onboard detergent dispensing system.

The Advance AquaRide® Extractor is now available with the patented AXP™ onboard detergent dispensing system.  The AXP system eliminates pre-mixing of detergent and water because the two are stored separately in the machine until the solution is sprayed on the scrub head.  This prevents solution waste and increases cleaning productivity by eliminating the need to dump or clean the solution tank when changing detergent or at the end of the day. 

The AXP system features a refillable 1.25-gallon cartridge that can be used with any brand of detergent, allowing facilities to continue using their current detergent program.  A dilution ratio selector on the cartridge can be set to accurately dispense detergent at the manufacturer’s’ recommended dilution ratio without waste.  By keeping multiple AXP cartridges at the ready, facilities can easily switch between degreasers, neutralizers, or green-certified detergents without having to dump and refill the solution tank.  

“The AquaRide with AXP combines ride-on extractor productivity with the additional time and cost saving benefits of the AXP system,” says Sara Thurston, Advance Brand Manager.  “In one pass, the AXP system automatically applies the optimum amount of detergent and water solution, while the AquaRide unit sweeps and extracts the carpet.  This-one pass cleaning makes the machine ideal for carpeted areas that are in constant use such as hospitals/health care facilities, warehouses, concourses, shopping malls, and large retails stores.” 

The AquaRide machine was the industry’s first ride-on extractor, designed to reduce operator fatigue while sweeping and extracting 18,500 square feet of carpet an hour, a 400 percent gain in productivity over walk-behind extractors.  

In addition to its efficiency, the AquaRide extractor is extremely user-friendly.  The ClearView™ operator compartment allows an unobstructed work view, while the One Touch™ control panel provides an easy-to-use operating system.  The AquaRide machine’s dual cylindrical rotating brushes leave a well-groomed appearance. 

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