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PLYMOUTH, MN, March 3, 2008 – Nilfisk-Advance, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional floor cleaning equipment, announced today that is has acquired all the assets of HydraMaster, the Washington-based designer and leading manufacturer of truck mount extractors, rotary floor care systems, cleaning accessories, and carpet and fabric care chemicals. The acquisition is effective March 1, 2008.

“We are very pleased to add HydraMaster to the Nilfisk-Advance family,” said Christian Cornelius-Knudsen, Nilfisk-Advance’s North American President and CEO. “HydraMaster has been innovative in developing and manufacturing high quality products for the professional carpet cleaning world for 40 years. Together with U.S. Products, Nilfisk-Advance now offers customers more top-of the line products and furthers our pursuit of the number one position in the professional cleaning, upholstery and restoration markets.”

Following the acquisition, HydraMaster will continue to operate under the HydraMaster name at its Mukilteo, Washington facility, retaining its production, fabrication, and sales operations. HydraMaster, its CleanMaster brand, and the affiliated Hathaway Capital leasing will be managed under the leadership of U.S. Products General Manager, Doug Hauff, who will now oversee both HydraMaster and U.S. Products. HydraMaster’s current CEO Steve Brandt and Chairman Mike Palmer will stay on as advisors.

“This acquisition offers unique synergies with U.S. Products, as we grow our presence in the professional cleaning industry,” said Hauff. “Together we can offer customers the best of both of our companies.”

“As the founder of HydraMaster I am very excited that HydraMaster has become part of the Nilfisk-Advance family.” said HydraMaster Chairman, Mike Palmer. “HydraMaster will have access to Nilfisk-Advance’s capital, engineering and R&D resources, as well as its extensive distribution capabilities in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific which will benefit HydraMaster’s employees as well as its customers.”

Nilfisk-Advance is a global company with North American operations headquartered in Plymouth, MN. It manufactures and distributes professional floor cleaning equipment under the brand names Advance, American Lincoln, Clarke, Kent, Euroclean, Clarke American Sanders, CFM, Nilfisk-ALTO, US Products, Viper, and Nilfisk.

Recent acquisitions include U.S. Products in January 2007 and Chinese manufacturer Viper Inc. in August 2007.

Nilfisk-Advance Group

Nilfisk-Advance Group is headquartered in Denmark. With the acquisition of the Danish company, ALTO, in spring 2004, Nilfisk-Advance became one of the world’s largest suppliers of professional floor cleaning equipment. Nilfisk-Advance Group has production facilities in the U.S., Europe, and China. Besides its extensive network of 36 wholly owned sales companies and agents, Nilfisk-Advance is furthermore represented in more than 70 countries around the world. The company currently has over 5,000 employees with 2007 sales expected to be in excess of $1.0 Billion USD.

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