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Summary: Advance introduces first combination extractor and automatic scrubber with CRI approval for low-moisture and deep extraction

PLYMOUTH, MN – Advance has introduced the new Adphibian™ walk-behind carpet extractor/automatic scrubber that enables cleaning staff to use only one machine to pre-spray and extract carpet as well as to scrub hard floors. In just 30 seconds, operators can switch between extracting and scrubbing with a push of a button and the change of a hose. Features such as Advance’s LIFT™ low-moisture cleaning technology and AXP™ onboard detergent-dispensing system make the Adphibian ideal for green-cleaning programs. The Adphibian machine has been awarded the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Seal of Approval for Deep Cleaning Extractors, unlike many competitive machines that are approved only as part of a complete carpet cleaning system.

“Today more and more in-house cleaners and BSCs are cleaning facilities with both hard and soft floors,” says Sara Thurston, Advance product marketing manager. “This makes the Adphibian the ideal answer for minimizing equipment needs and operator training while increasing cleaning productivity and meeting green cleaning goals.”

The Adphibian multi-surface machine uses Advance’s patented LIFT technology, which stands for “Low moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry times and True cleaning technology.” LIFT technology minimizes the amount of water used in extraction and increases per-tank productivity. The result is carpets that are both clean and dry in less than 30 minutes. The fast drying time also significantly reduces the risk of a carpet developing mold and other allergens. Advance’s proprietary AXP onboard detergent-dispensing system helps meet the green cleaning goals of minimizing detergent and water usage, while also allowing the use of any detergent--including those that are green certified.

When used as an extractor, the Adphibian multi-surface machine lets operators choose between low-moisture and restoration cleaning. For heavily soiled areas, Adphibian’s unique Deep Treat™ pre-spray mode deep treats carpet by automatically applying and agitating any pre-spray detergent or encapsulate; a simple push of a button then allows the same area to be extracted with clean water.

The Adphibian multi-surface machine operates at a quiet sound level of 66 dB A while scrubbing and 69 dB A for extracting, making the Adphibian ideal for day-time-cleaning in any facility with both carpet and hard floors. Applications include hospitals and healthcare facilities, educational institutions, commercial buildings, casinos, retail facilities and hotels.

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